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Women having orgasm while giving birth


Yes! orgasms during birth are real, study suggests

With oxytocin comes a rise of endorphins, which can naturally reduce pain. You don’t achieve it, it just happens. Given the right circumstances, this does happen (rarely) in a natural birth setting. The new study, conducted by psychologist thierry postel of blainville-sur-mer, france, is among the first to try to put hard numbers on how many women experience moments of ecstasy in birth. Get the baby out.

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Women having orgasm while giving birth. Which has screened in 48 countries, countless women have thanked pascali-bonaro for making the film. Studies have shown that two brain regions which become active during orgasm are also active during painful sensations; namely the anterior cingulate cortex and the insula. I so glad my mother got 17 hours of agony and then broke a little down there when i was born. Gallo described the sensation as “taking the edge off” the pain more than sexual gratification. People are often skeptical of the concept of pleasure during birth, pascali-bonaro told livescience. It’s not a matter of effort or being like “yes, i will orgasm during my homebirth!” — it can just happen when you consider the hormones that circulate through the body during birth (oxytocin, the love hormone). It is considered that many us and eu centered countries do birth wrong.

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We have to change that. But scientific research suggests orgasm during birth boils down to anatomy. It all sounds painful and messy.

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