The cost of housing maintenance is rising

Although we earn more and more (the minimum wage has increased again from January 1, 2018), the cost of housing maintenance is rising. Comparing expenses from previous years published in the CSO report, in January 2013 the estimated cost of living, furnishing and running a home was about USD 267 per person. In January 2014 it was almost USD 270 per person, in 2016 about USD 272 per person, and 10 months later, i.e. in October 2017, this sum was almost USD 286 per person.

About 40% of the cost of housing is heating and electricity. To this must be added the media, waste disposal, garbage collection, rent, etc., not to mention the current expenses related to the purchase of food, cleaning products, clothes and more.

Apartment equipment


Recently, according to the same report, prices of decorative items, lighting, furniture and household appliances have gone down. This is good news for those planning to renovate or equip a new apartment or house. But is it comforting in the face of other, rising costs?

There are ways to equip your apartment cheaper. The basis is taking the time to search and compare promotional offers from stores. It is tiresome because, unfortunately, it is usually not enough to browse the websites, because in the shops you can come across offers that are not on the site.

If it is not necessary or irrelevant whether the equipment will be new or not, it is also worth looking for second-hand furniture and equipment. Prices will be much lower, which is crucial when furnishing an apartment.

Good Finance installment loan


Regardless of whether the equipment of the apartment will be new or used, the cost of such purchases can significantly exceed the available home budget. In such a situation, a Good Finance installment loan may be a good solution , which can be used for any purpose. You can borrow from 1000 dollars up to 15000 dollars, which can easily be divided into convenient installments, even up to 48 months.