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Taste cum face

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The truth about semen

The deadliest of alcohols is definitely a sign of toxic cum. Longtime friends take it further. Then i suck and lick his cock clean while he’s having his orgasm. I don’t know if it’s just the fries or the salt, but the combination of his salt preferences and the greasy potatoes that no doubt touched the floor do nothing good for your tastebuds. By using our site, you agree to these terms. She knows how to make her man welcome.


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Taste cum face. I love the taste, i love the feel, i find it completely empowering, but hey, that’s just me. More alcohol, more cigarettes. Women should realize how important oral is in a relationship. Later in the week, i tasted garlic and experienced a similarly ‘weightier’ taste and scent like my wife observed about my body. I love swallowing his cum.


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I think the taste is affected by what your man eats. Sure gives the guy a complex.

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