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Spank wife with switch


Adrian peterson: i wont ever use a switch again

Also, since i am very submissive and obedient most of the time, he probably doesn’t think he needs to use one to keep me in line. I agree to this. I was very excited and raced upstairs to look in the drawer. The switch controls time very well. The organization, i know there’s people in the organization that support me and there’s people that i know internally that has not been supporting me. At first my husband complained that it didn’t give him any feedback like the paddle, i.

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Spank wife with switch. I grew up with this type of discipline and i never once thought it was abuse, but i was also much older than 4 years old. There is nothing better for a submissive woman to be married to a dominant, but kind and loving man, who knows what’s best for his wife and family and isn’t afraid to take charge. I had previously told my girlfriends that paul disciplined me this way but i don’t think they really believed me. There is a fine line and i hope when all the info. Kathleen said later as case held her.


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A few welts on the scrotum. Kathleen buried her face in the couch. It’s ironic that there are some mothers today who would be horrified at the thought of being treated in such a way as they whale away on their own defenseless children.

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