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Shave nape fetish


Urban dictionary: nape tape

I love very short hair on women, short stubble, which looks wise is actually my favorite for myself as well. On a less abstract level, fashion has been obsessed with sexual fetishism for centuries. If, historically speaking, a fetish is a manufactured object which has magical powers, or one that people are irrationally devoted to, fashion is a veritable fetish-factory of ‘it’ shoes, ‘now’ bags, and garments that magically propose to make your life indefinably better. Katt also runs an adult head-shaving, hair fetish website called. Or, as i’m currently very permanently taken & we dont play with others, i’d still be your friend & wouldn’t mind getting the back of my freshly buzzed head rubbed now & then. Wolfe shaved my head for me, and it was a really hot experience. I did it in a desperate attempt to feel something.


It happened to me: i shaved my head for $2,000(08:20) mobile porn video



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Shave nape fetish. Of course, right now it’s cherry red, streaked with black so no matter how appropriate i make it look, the colour still breaks the rule. I hope you can be out one day. It’s an undercut; i’m shaved to the wood for half my hair in the back. Also, with their long hair pulled into a tight ponytail, many women look extremely good. Be fabulous over 55 by expressing yourself through your hair i too fetish persuaded my ex girlfriend bob.

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My regular friends & family know. They can’t survive without me, so they let me bend the rules in regards to my appearance. Once i discovered that there were others that shared my interest in shaving and clippering, i was quickly encouraged to take my first plunge at going all the way down to the skin with a razor.

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