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Sewing + top + bottom thread


How to fix tension on your sewing machine - oh you crafty gal

Could you at least identify the problem for me? if possible, i would also appreciate an explanation of how to solve the problem. Embellish the edges of garments, new or old, with a triple cordover stitch, sometimes called a triple cordovan stitch. I double checked on my machine because you can actually see the tension disc move while you move the dial. Flip the bobbin casing over, and let the thread rest on the right side of the horn. All machines have basically the four tension devices shown: thread guides, tension discs, tension regulator for upper thread, and bobbin-case spring for bobbin thread. The tension discs squeeze the thread as it passes between them, while the tension regulator controls the amount of pressure on the discs.


How to thread a sewing machine & wind a bobbin | apartment therapy

Hand-sewn eyelets for strength and beauty

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Sewing + top + bottom thread. But if so, isn’t that the opposite? based on your tug-of-war illustration, aren’t you supposed to decrease your number to loosen top tension and increase your number to tighten top tension? so much to remember!! thanks for any guidance! There is such a thing as thread that’s been sitting in a place that’s too damp or too hot. Unwind about 18″ or so of thread and bring it around the backside of the bobbin winder tension disc, wind it around the tension disc one time. Select a bobbin that works specifically with your machine. Push the bobbin casing into the bobbin housing, so the tip of the horn lines up with the notch in the shuttle hook cover. The troubleshooting list at the back of my sewing machine book does not address this problem. I think the second option is supposed to say, if your top tension is too tight.

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The upper thread keeps on breaking. Fit instructor sarah veblen explains how to evaluate a pants pattern, and what features to look for when choosing a pattern to fit. I like to completely fill my bobbin whether or not i’ll need that much to save myself from having to start the process all over again.

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