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My background & approach to nudity | ladygod1va

I was always worried about what people thought, worried not to offend them, intimidated by strangers etc. How wonderful it was to read that! There are several instances of women roaming around nude in public. Years passed and i grew up to be a very shy, self concious person.


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Personal nudist family. At least a lot easier than people who have never grown up with it do. Its nice to see u i am nudist since 8years. I don’t have as much time to work on this as i used to. In doing so, i have my shorts close to hand in case i need to cover up but often question why i have to do so. I much prefer to be naked wherever and wherever i possibly can. Feelings be hurt if your site doesn’t get listed. Hi lady godiva namaste from india , your blog is so neet, with pure intentions.


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This is certainly one of the best, most thoughtful and honest blog postings on socially acceptable nudity i have ever read! it is not easy to convey such feelings, sentiments and motivations as you have, and do it in an interesting a entertaining way, but i feel you have done well. Or helpful to you. Since then i have enjoyed visiting many naturist beaches but still found it a shame that naturism could only be publicly practised in naturist resorts, clubs or beaches.

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