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Mid-Ohio Valley Walk to Emmaus
MOVE Newsletter - April 2014
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From our Lay Director
April Gathering
Pray for Our Pilgrims
Spring Teams
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March Newsletter

Mid-Ohio Valley Emmaus | Spring Walks are here!Spring Walks
are Here!

Thoughts from our
Community Lay Director

As we go through Holy week in our own church and in our own community, please be in prayer for our Emmaus community as well.  In this newsletter you will find much information about the Spring Walks. It is always an exciting time of the year when we get to welcome new people into our community. It is my hope and prayer that all of you will find a spot to serve on the upcoming Men's and Women's Walks # 44. All of us are able to pray for the pilgrims by name as they appear in this newsletter. If you are able to sign up for the prayer vigil or help at the camp during the walk that is wonderful, but if nothing else, please pray and know that God is listening and the spirit will be flowing.

In the tradition of Emmaus, we will lay hands on the conference room teams at the Gathering next Tuesday.  If you are able to attend and join in the celebration of upcoming Walks # 44, please do so.

The work behind the scenes is so vital to the success of the Walks and the overall experience of the pilgrims. We are blessed to have a working board and large committees of community members to make it all happen. The improvements at Crossroads camp continue and this will be a year of great change at the camp. Plans are in place for both new and renovated cabins. As an Emmaus community we stand ready to support the upgrades and will help as needed like we have always done.

It is not too late to sponsor a men's pilgrim as we have room on the Spring Walk. Please be in prayer about this. The team and community are ready for what God has planned and we continue to listen to his call.

All of us must remember the words that were said to us when we received our Emmaus cross: "Christ is counting on you".

I hope to see all of you at the Gathering and of course at Crossroads on the Emmaus weekends.

De Colores!
Mark Duckworth
MOVE Lay Director

Mid-Ohio Valley Emmaus | April GatheringApril Gathering

Join us at April's Gathering to lay hands on our Spring Teams and send them off to once again present The Walk to Emmaus! 

Tuesday, Aril 22nd, 7 pm
Christ United Methodist Church
301 Wooster St., Marietta, OH

For driving directions, enter your starting address:

Bring a friend for 4th Day testimonies, Emmaus-style communion, and a rousing chorus of your Emmaus favorites. Music starts at 7 pm, snacks and fellowship at 8 pm. As always, babysitting is provided. Our next Gathering will be Tuesday, May 27th, 7 pm, at Christ UMC in Marietta. Mark your calendars now!

If you would like to lead music at one of our Gatherings, please contact Becky Pancake (304-652-1299). If you have a 4th Day Testimony to share or any questions about our Gatherings, contact our Gathering Chair, Susan Barengo (740-525-2376).

Praying Hands

Pray for Our Pilgrims

Please add the following pilgrims of Walk #44 and their sponsors to your prayer time. Pray with us that God will reveal Himself and His love for each one of these children of God.

Men's Walk #44:
April 24-27

Women's Walk #44:
May 1-4
Pilgrim Sponsor Pilgrim Sponsor
Dave Bennett Tommy Summers Patty Bennett Staci Summers
Paul Braun Scott Kirby Sandy Bennett Jennifer Greene
Aaron Cayton Tommy Summers Anissa Bohrer Becky Pancake
Timmy Dodd Joe Morris Karen Burnfield Heather Helmick
Vernon Frase Tommy Summers Debbie Butler Delores Hendrickson
Dan Geogerian Brian Weber
Cyndee Cayton Staci Summers
Daniel Jones, Jr. Tommy Summers Kay Clark Yvonne Matus
Dennis Jones Yvonne Matus Terri Clark Doug & Lori Renner
Dave Palmer Tommy Summers Doris Hart Victoria Garten
David Smith Tim Miller Barbara Holt Donna Gaston
Phillip Shreves Tommy Summers Linda Jasinski Victoria Garten
Tim Sprouse Chad Yoho Karyn Johnson Brittany Navarro
Jerry Stevens Brian Ketelsen Andi Knowlton Heather Helmick
Michael Turrill Jeremy Ingram Jessica Kufel Holly Poulson & Crysta Bourdon
Carolyn Laskey Pat Edington
Brenda Norton Ilene Barengo
Judy Palmer Staci Summers
Brenda Parsons Barbara Graham
Heidi Rahn Bonnie Smith
Kathleen Sasser Theresa Truax
Julie Smith Melissa Nichols
Rita VanValey Amanda Williams
Marsha Yoho Chad Yoho
Dar Zwick Angie Yoho

praying hands Please Pray for
our Spring Teams

Praise God with us that our Spring Teams are staffed! The chart below lists each member of both the Men's and Women's Walks #44. Please refer to this chart often during prayer time. Pray with us that each Team Member will have a servant's heart, God's wisdom, Agape love, and protection from the enemy. Thank you for taking these teams to God in prayer!

Men's Team Women's Team
John Schafer Lay Director Beth Ann Weber Lay Director
Tom Barengo Ast. Lay Director Cheryl Brumfield Ast. Lay Director
Ryan Elliott Ast. Lay Director Colleen Folger Ast. Lay Director
Joe Matthews II Ast. Lay Director Melinda Stabler Ast. Lay Director
Tom Matus Spiritual Director Brian Weber Spiritual Director
Sandy Runnion Ast. Siritual Director  Cheryl Arnold Ast. Spiritual Director
Bruce Haas Music Director Nancy Mahan Music Director
Roger Kimberly Ast. Music Director Becki Ferrebee Ast. Music Director
Tim Zoller Board Rep Sara Summers Board Rep
Bill Adams Table Leader Kathy Carroll Table Leader
Joe Morris Table Leader Marla Montgomery Table Leader
Mark Duckworth Table Leader Becky Pancake Table Leader
Eric Dowler Table Leader Pam Scott Table Leader
Grant Wharton Table Leader Angie Yoho Table Leader
Matt Barrett Ast. Table Leader Crysta Bourdon Ast. Table Leader
Brandon Herb Ast. Table Leader Andrea Hastings Ast. Table Leader
Rob Coil Ast. Table Leader Sarah Modesitt Ast. Table Leader
Dave Rogers Ast. Table Leader Libby Rogers Ast. Table Leader
Tim Miller Ast. Table Leader Cassidi Shoaf Ast. Table Leader

Speaking from the BibleSpeaker Schedule

We've included the speaking schedule below so you can pray for our Walk speakers during their talks. Remember that the prayer chapel at Crossroads is always open for your prayer time during the weekend! But even if you can't make it to camp, please pray with us at these times wherever you are!

Time Talk Men's Speakers Women's Speakers
Friday: Men - 4/25, Women - 5/2
9:15 am Priority Ryan Elliott Cheryl Brumfield
11:15 am Prevenient Grace John Frum Cindy Eakle
1:45 pm Priesthood of All Belivers Joe Morris Kathy Carroll
3:00 pm Justifying Grace Kevin Lantz Rick Hastings
6:30 pm Life in Piety Bill Adams Becky Pancake
Saturday: Men - 4/26, Women - 5/3
8:45 am Grow Through Study Eric Dowler Colleen Folger
10:15 am Means of Grace Tom Matus Brian Weber
3:00 pm Christian Action Grant Wharton Cassidi Shoaf
4:30 pm Obstacles to Grace Don Archer Colleen Griffith
7:00 pm Discipleship Joe Matthews II Marla Montgomery
Sunday: Men - 4/27, Women - 5/4
8:50 am Changing Our World Mark Duckworth Angie Yoho
10:00 am Sanctifying Grace Sandy Runnion Cheryl Arnold
11:00 am Body of Christ Bruce Haas Pam Scott
1:30 pm Perseverance John Schafer Beth Ann Weber
2:30 pm Fourth Day Tom Barengo Melinda Stabler

Mid-Ohio Valley Emmaus: Prayer VigilsPrayer Vigils Online

Remember how blown away and inspired you were by seeing 72 names signed out on the prayer vigil during your walk? And at all times of the day AND NIGHT?!

Please consider signing up for the men's and women's spring prayer vigils! It is quick and easy by going to the links below and choosing a slot that you'd like.

Your hour of prayer can consist of reading scripture, praying out loud, or maybe even praying in silence while going for a walk. It is a time to reflect and show love, passion, and happiness to all the Pilgrims and team members (including volunteers!) on the Walk to Emmaus.

Click on the links below to spend your hour in prayer!

De Colores,
Eric Dowler
Your Prayer Vigil Coordinator  

Mid-Ohio Valley Emmaus | Conference Room Snacks
Room Snacks

Agape is more than the little trinkets found on the table in the dining room or on the pillow at bedtime. Food is also big part of Agape love on the weekend.  Susan Barengo is coordinating conference room food for the upcoming Walks.

We are all given special gifts. If cooking is one of yours we would love for you to share!  We are in need of morning and noon food Agape. If you would like to be a part of this ministry on the weekends, please contact Susan via email or by phone at 740-525-4346.

Mid-Ohio Valley Emmaus | Logistics Needs YouLogistics Needs You!

Logistics is in need for a Share Group to decorate for the Saturday night dinner, both Men's and Women's Walks. There is also a great need for help in tearing down the camp after the Women's Walk on May 5th. If you can help, can you let Logistics know they can count on you? Contact Shelly Stormes (740-434-5219). Remember, helping hands are welcome anytime at Crossroads.

Mid-Ohio Valley Emmaus | Agape RemindersAgape Reminder
Your Agape is important! It will reinforce the message of God's love to the pilgrims of Walk #44. As you prepare you Agape, please keep the follwoing guidelines in mind.Agape is meant to be anonymous, though you can include the name of a church group or share group. We ask for 50 pieces, packaged in a ziploc or small box, and delivered to camp by Thursday evening of each Walk.   For Agape ideas, we have hundreds on our Apage page. And for any questions or further information contact our Agape Chairs, Dave Rogers and Becky Mallett.

connected paper dolls clipped to a clotheslineStay Connected
There are several ways to stay connected with the MOVE Community. The first being monthly Gatherings, every 4th Tuesday! Use the following check-list to see how well you're connected to Mid-Ohio Valley Emmaus:
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