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I want you to suck out all the juices you just put in me with your mouth. Don’t miss a drop!” calista groans as brock eagerly cleans her pussy out of their combined juices. This had made brock absolutely livid, he was furious with her, he brock the high school desire of every girl in college, was used to getting any girl he wanted. While she’s recovering from her orgasm, brock slides out of her and rolls her on her back again.


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Muscular college jock fucks girlfriend. The one he most desired, the one who gave him rock hard erections that he had to beat off to lying in bed most nights. It’s like watching how he imagined it would be between him her boyfriend, and her, his girlfriend who were deeply in love. Hot bod college dude fucking a slut. Oh god you like my juicy pussy don’t you!”. After a few minutes of this sensual treatment, calista’s eyes slowly opened with a couple of lethargic blinks. But callista was the one girl at school who had resisted all of brock’s advances.

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I can’t believe what you’re doing! please don’t stop!”she moaned. Oh, that feels so good! keep doing that!”. Hey there dipshit,” he snickered quietly.

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