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Last moment of virginity

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If you easily get hard when a girl is near you and her slightest touch makes you really horny – you aren’t going to last a very long time. Learn by watching(instructional porn). It was actually difficult to climax because her vagina wasn’t as tight as i thought it would be. Ps: she still doesn’t know she was my first. It is very natural act and nobody will judge you for any “timing” you’ll have. How do i know who is virgin? usually they dont know where to put their penis in, or they really is confused what to do.


Last moment of virginity. I think there is no need to be anxious and worrying about that. Was about 30 minutes for me. I also talked about this with many guys, and noticed that the more easily aroused they are and the less they masturbate, the shorter they last. Don’t have sex and don’t masturbate for 2 weeks. So the first time i had sex, my partner thought i was experienced and that is among the best compliment regarding sex you can ever get. So, as you see, it’s absolutely individual thing.


Just try and get on with it, time isn’t an issue, as my lady told me. It’s kind of the same for women – the more aroused they are, the faster they can achieve their orgasm, so it makes perfect sense that the hornier and aroused the guy is, the faster he’s going to climax.

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