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Lots of people ask why an ID is needed to receive payday pay. It should be clearly stated that the loan agreement cannot contain such data as the number and series of the ID card. Only then is the contract that has been concluded a valid contract. Meanwhile, on other documents – be it on the driving license or passport – in vain to look for information on the number and series of the ID card. Therefore, the lack of an ID card makes it impossible to receive payday payday loans.

If we do not have an ID card – be it due to losing it or waiting for a new one – unfortunately we will not be able to take a payday loan. Parabanks accept only an ID card as an identity document. Therefore, if we only have a driving license, we will not be able to confirm our identity. Moreover, it should be remembered that the ID card must be a valid document. So if it has expired, no parabank will sign a loan agreement with us.

Payday loans are instant loans, whose popularity is currently very high. This is due, inter alia, to the extremely short, simplified procedure for granting such loans. Lots of people ask the question whether you can get a payday loan by documenting your identity not with an ID card, but with a driving license.

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Identity card is required by payday loans companies not only because of the number and series that must be included in the loan agreement, but also because it is a document confirming the age of majority of the person applying for the payday loan. It should be strongly emphasized that payday loans are granted only to adults. So if we do not have an ID card, payday pay will not be granted to us despite the best intentions of the lender. Therefore, everyone who wants to borrow money must have an ID card.

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The most important disadvantage of payday loans is, above all, high interest rates. The total annual interest rate is much higher than for classic bank loans. What does this mean in practice? To the parabank you need to return an amount much larger than the one we decided to borrow. That is why it is so important to approach the amount you want to borrow with caution. You should seriously consider whether we will be able to pay it back.

Late repayment is an element of payday pay, which can really give us a headache. Everyone who decides on payday pay should remember that not paying installments on time is a necessity to pay considerable interest. As a result, we will refund a much larger amount to the parabank than the one that was lent to us. For this reason, it is important for payday loans that each installment is repaid on the agreed date. This will avoid high additional costs.

Admittedly, parabanks already offer the possibility of so-called credit holidays, but it is expensive for them. You have to pay for postponing the repayment date. As a consequence, the loan becomes slightly more expensive. What’s more, the parabank may of course refuse to grant us credit holidays.

Fast Loans are so-called quick loans, whose popularity is increasing every year. More and more people who do not have a chance to get a bank loan are deciding to borrow money in the so-called parabank. Fast loans have a number of advantages that translate into the fact that they are so popular. However, it should be remembered that extreme caution is recommended with them. Otherwise, it is very easy to fall into a debt loop from which it is not so easy to get out. What to watch out for when you pay for payday pay?

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Loan companies most often verify the identity of their clients based on the ID card provided. The loan application must include the series and ID number. In some cases it is necessary to make a photocopy of the document, which is then attached to the application. If we take out a loan online, we must provide a scan of your ID card. We will do this by using electronic mail.

Parabanks use verification not only with an ID card or bank transfer, but also with a special application. To confirm your identity, you must log in to your own bank account. The application itself will download all the data necessary for the verification process. A lot of people will ask here if this solution carries some risk. It should be emphasized that such applications have an extensive security system. Therefore, you should not be afraid that your account access data will fall into the wrong hands.

Verification by bank transfer

This verification method works great for quick loans. The lender asks the person applying for a loan to make a verification transfer. Importantly, this transfer must be made from an account that we own. It has the task of confirming our identity. So if it is made from another person’s account, it will be useless. The lender will only start processing the application once the transfer we have made reaches his account. No transfer is an inability to grant a loan.

Everyone who decided to borrow money would like to make the loan decision almost immediately. Meanwhile, you have to wait a little for her. In the case of parabanks providing so-called payday loans, everything is done quickly. Let’s see what customer verification methods are currently used.