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Hippopotamus swallows midget

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Dwarf gets swallowed by hippo in freak accident | fifty24sf gallery

Its truthfulness notwithstanding, the famous headline has since been memorialized as the name of an. He was extradited back to canada in 2005, where he’s now serving an eight-year sentence. (though one gets the feeling that the software giant wishes it could flush the entire iloo episode down the toilet. In 1954 computers really were this size, so if someone had tried to imagine what a home computer would look like fifty years in the future, they might have dreamed up a monstrosity like this (including the steering wheel).

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1999 urban legend: hippo on dwarf dietHippo eats dwarf | pinterest | hippo eating, hilarious and humor

1999 urban legends

Hippo eats dwarfHippopotamus eats dwarfHippo eats dwarf: urban legend - hoax or fact


Hippopotamus swallows midget. When i queried them for details they politely, but firmly, stated they weren’t able to help me. Technology junkies are always eager to buy the most up-to-date doodad that will make their lives easier in a thousand ways. Released on 09 february 2010. Recognized as an expert on hoaxes by cnn and the new york times among others, alex boese holds a master’s degree in the history of science from the university of california, san diego. There are only two possibilities: either the story is one of those practical jokes masquerading as fact that does the rounds every few years to ensnare a new pack of gullible readers, or hilda is a serial killer among circus hippos with a consuming passion for dwarfs. The change in name and nationality of the dwarf strongly suggests the urban myth hypothesis, but we cannot dismiss the other possibility.


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