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Count kilt sperm

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Wearing a kilt could make your sperm stronger | popular science

Marc lallanilla has been a science writer and health editor at about. Com and a producer with abcnews. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. However, the study authors cautioned, “further research is needed to prove this hypothesis. Can adversely affect sperm count and sperm motility (movement). One of the world’s biggest camera makers is crafting a whole new camera system. His freelance writing has appeared in the los angeles times and theweek.


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Count kilt sperm. Temperature regulation is the key to fertility. Marc has a master’s degree in environmental planning from the university of california, berkeley, and an undergraduate degree from the university of texas at austin. A 2012 report suggests that wearing boxer shorts (as opposed to snug-fitting briefs) was associated with. The medical experts base their claim on existing studies that prove sperm counts improve when the scrotal area is cooler. Be right: a new metastudy says wearing a kilt “likely produces an ideal physiological scrotal environment, which in turn helps maintain normal scrotal temperature, which is known to be beneficial for robust spermatogenesis and good sperm quality.


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Kilts (at least in scotland or other countries where they’re more commonly worn) might also be psychologically valuable, increasing feelings of masculinity when worn. This man says a ‘rare gene’ cured his type 1 diabetes. Reviewed the literature on the link between scrotal temperature and reproduction.

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