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The instant i heard it there was a wordless mental squee of joy and possibly choirs of angels, and i thought “i’m getting that in tardis blue script. I suspect that the men who believe that media insists every woman deserves her prince charming aren’t really paying attention to how women perceive the actresses in rom coms or other media aimed at women. No, i expressed myself just fine. There’s more than economics to people’s lives and to deny that people can hold non-economic power, particularly if they’re denied economic power and need to resort to alternatives, is strange.


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Celette nelson naked. When i worked in an inner-city library that was the preferred version of the genre. In all fairness, i have called him an asshole and a twatwaffle. Absolutely, the thing is, though, that a lot of guys who listen to feminist gender discourse have a different understanding of what “dominant” or “middle ground” means than most women and men who don’t listen to this. My eyes have got a power to them apparently. Having the goal of romance/sex exclusively does not in any way, shape, or form imply that i’m taking away their personage. Certain women certainly enforce toxic definitions of masculinity, though i think the extent to which certain men do so to each other and themselves is sometimes underdiscussed. I definitely think that’s the case.

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I hate the embarrassment of “hey, you’re really awesome but i just don’t see you that way” or the “aww, sorry but see i’m with someone right now. I’m not doing unpaid overtime to entertain you during my workday. Also note that how you make eye contact and smile are behaviors that you can work on changing and being more relaxed about, not something inherent about your looks.

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