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Bed pee piss wet

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How to remove urine from your memory foam mattress | ghostbed

I was staying with my boyfriend at his dad’s place, lucky we had the house to ourselves, for thanksgiving weekend. But i still cry every time it happens and just feel super ashamed. I’m worried now that i might have an underlaying problem. Of adults suffer from a bed wetting problem, which is also known as nocturnal enuresis. I’m not sure why i didn’t have a through eurodynamic study done when i was a teen. I’m a bit overweight, do you think all of those could be contributing reasons why i bed wet? sucks bc i’m a 35 year married male and i’ve never had these problems before.


Adults & bedwettingPee the bed gifs - get the best gif on giphy

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Bed pee piss wet. What do i do? pliiiiiiiiiiz help. Told the doc, she adviced me to stop drinking liquids after 7pm -_- Treatment of uncomplicated bedwetting is not appropriate for children younger than 5 years of age. Is this normal?? do i need to go to a doctor?? I consumed lot of water yesterday, may be that is the reason? But really, don’t do that.

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Method to clean pee out of a mattress:

Sometimes i have to try extra hard to remember my signals, but sometimes i just forget and im too late. I have done it a few times in last couple of months in my sleep or i will wake up with no time left to make it to the bathroom and end up wetting myself.

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