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The first few times it was a pinkish clolr and then it stop but now this new situation has happened twice and it is when i poop i actually see the blood in the tolite and alsi when i wipe. When i pulled my fingers bk it was a kind of white discharge,slimy kind of stuff!now i thought its just cause ive not run for a while and loosening things up in there. I have never heard anything like that symphony of sickness. When i went to the bathroom i pulled down my panties and saw something that looked like dodo but then when i wiped my butt it was nothing on there until i wiped my private place and it was coming from there when i wiped myself a 3rd time i looked on the tissue and it was a dark red color and it was slimy and nasty looking should i be worried or not. I had to rent one of those steam cleaners, buy a new mattress, and i still lost my deposit. I just stared bleeding there yesterday and i was scared out of my mind because i had my period again and i different have any pads but i turned out it was only coming from my butt then i was really super scared! it is bright red do and it is only when i wipe. I had multiple burgundy red blood clots in my stool and my stool was quite slimy.

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Anal mad 3. The stool appears to be a brown color which i guess it’s normal. I just assumed it was water from my bathroom, and about 20min later i got up and saw this little red splotch on my carpet, so i went to the restroom ad wiped my arse. Should i just let it go or search for more help its scary to think that i could die i m a young mother but no one seems to care ??? On her ass cheeks. Please, all of you, go to the doctors early. Silicone can deform, and even melt when introduced to other silicones, so stick with water based lube when playing with your plugs! Though she agreed to let me put my penis in her small hole, she extracted a promise in return:

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I want to know your thoughts to reassure me that either its nothing or that it is serious, and yes if you all think its seriouse i will be going in as soon as i get to work and get my work day over. My dad says it’s because of gym.

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